Troop Wish List

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safety of our military heroes, please check expiration dates prior to donating. Items donated should not expire within the 3-month period following donation.

Pop tarts
Microwave Pop Corn
Sunflower Seeds
Drink mix singles (Crystal Lite, Gatorade…) (Dollar Store)
Coffee (one-pot packs)
Slim Jims ( short 0.28 oz per stick)
Canned Chili, Ravioli, Spaghetti-O’s, Soup, Stew…(15 oz to 20 oz)
Top Ramen soup/noodle mix ( 3 oz ) Square packs
Canned fruit (5 oz to 16 oz)
Canned tuna, chicken, or turkey (6 oz to 8 oz)
Granola bars, Power bars or Energy bars
Rice Krispie Treats, Snack Crackers – individual size (1 oz to 2 oz)
Hot Chocolate – Individual size
Jelly, squeezable, in plastic containers (20.5 oz) (Dollar Tree)
Peanut butter in plastic containers- (16 oz to 18 oz)
Nuts – cashews, peanuts, corn nuts, sunflower seeds, trail mix … (1.5 oz to 6 oz)
Fruit snacks – individual size (1 oz to 3 oz)
Condiments – Individual packets - mustard, relish, ketchup, mayonnaise, creamer, sugar, salt & pepper.
Tabasco sauce (2 oz size)
Saltine Crackers in sleeves
Foot Powder - (Dollar Tree)
Eye Drops (for desert environment)
Lip Balm (Blistex, Carmex, Chapstick etc.)
Sunscreen – (6 oz to 8 oz)
Men’s Deodorant (Stick type - NOT anti-perspirant) 0.5 oz to 3oz)
Lotion, cleanser and/or moisturizer, cream…(1 oz to 5 oz)
Shampoo & Conditioner travel size (1 oz to 3 oz)
African-American hair products
Hand Sanitizer - small and medium size (2 oz to 8 oz)
Wet wipes (unscented-baby wipes)
Disposable razors – (Quatro Pro and Mach 3 preferred – with refills)
Shaving cream (Non-aerosol 2 to 5 oz)
Socks – Men’s and ladies’
T-shirts – medium, large, & extra large – new only please
Boxer shorts – medium, large, and extra large
Toothbrushes, individually packaged
Toothpaste – trial or small size are great
Band aids
Toilet Paper
Tissue Packs – travel size
Bug Repellent
Cool Ties
RECREATION - (New or gently used and in working condition) 
Hand held games (poker , solitaire…)
Ping Pong paddles, balls & nets
Sports equipment and nets
Video games & Systems (new or gently used and in working condition)
Video game cartridges
  We are always in great need of food gift cards for our homeless and at-risk veterans.  Please help us provide them with a hot meal by donating gift cards to places likeSubway, McDonalds, Chipotle, or your favorite place to eat when you're out and about.