Good Morning Packages From Home

Good Morning Packages From Home,

I received a food package and toiletries and under garments package. Thank you very much to the patriotic citizens who didn’t forget about me in this instance. It is very hard to come by supplies sometimes and the food box hit the spot at the right time when a much needed morale and snack upgrade was definitely needed. To the families, school children, bikers and grannies it is a wonderful thing that you are taking time to show love to the people who take time out of their life to show love to their country. Being in the service is not as easy as most people may think and the continuous duty to the nation as well as the family and close friends (when we are able to see and/or communicate with them) make it difficult to along the journey at times. Thank you for this service that you do, I have given the email to a couple of people and hope that they are not to proud to use it…we run out of things very fast because of the long hours we put each day and funds aren’t available or we just can’t take a trip to a store for weeks or months. I would love to hear from you guys again it does real justice more than you can ever realize that there are people willing to help service members in need while we do what we have been bred and trained to do to protect our homeland. “Semper Fidelis”

Very Respectfully,