Kathleen & crew Greetings.

Kathleen & crew Greetings.

First of all, THANKS. You have no idea how important is what you are doing and how important you are for me, for us. It is already hard for us being away from family, friends and the United States. With your support you bring sparks to our lives, and that counts a lot.

The selection of goodies that you sent me are amazing. Perfectly what I was looking for. I will be sharing them with my crew. The highlight of the packet were the “verve energy drinks” outstanding!

Just to let you know I little bit about myself; I am a Captain for the US Army. I work for the Air Defense branch. Currently deployed in an Undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. I have a beautiful family back in Texas. I am a battle captain, and I love my job, love fighting for our Freedom. Weather in here is really hot, over 115 degrees every day, but that’s part of the job. I am in charge of two NCO’s and one Soldier. Life in here is not easy but, with support from organizations like yours, it makes it more easier to handle.

Thanks so much from the guys.

Godspeed, train to fight & God Bless you. I will definitely stay in touch.

Very respectfully,
CPT Edwin J G.