SFC Shaun B.

My name is SFC Shaun B. and I am currently deployed to Afghanistan, I received a box from Packages from Home yesterday and loved all the items in the box. I really appreciate everything your organization does and you really have no clue how much your organization means to Soldiers. I can tell you that this is my first deployment overseas in my 23 years of duty and being away from family and friends is a challenge. Getting a box from strangers saying that they are thinking about us and even a note from the individual who packed my box is a Blessing. Thanks to everyone who helps and organizes everything. I'm in the Army Reserves and have been over here for about 3 months and get to come home about mid-February of next year.
Thank you again for your package and the love and care that you put into each one. It is truly a great thing that you are doing.

SFC Shaun B.
U.S. Army