We Truly Appreciate Your Support

Dear Packages From Home,
Thank you so much for supporting me and sending me a care package. Please allow me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a U.S. Marine and I've been in service for 15 years now. I'm on my 9th deployment now, but only my 2nd tour in Afghanistan. What's crazy, is that I am currently deployed to the same Base that I was deployed to during my first Afghanistan tour in 2004. It mostly looks the same, but more fortified and slightly more property than they had back then. Also, there are way more civilians out here now (almost a 1:1 ratio of military to civilians) and more coalition forces. In fact, my little work space has Officers from Denmark, Germany, Canada (French Canadian to be more specific), Korea, France, and England. I am one month into a 6-month deployment, so I'm sure there are more exciting adventures in store for me.
Since I've been in country, I've had to bunker down 3 times. There was an indirect fire attack and I spent 2 hours in a bunker at 8pm at night. The second was when attacked at 4:30am about two weeks back; and the 3rd was last week, when a suicide bomber struck. That one was the closest one to where I was located; a mere 2 blocks away. The entire building I was standing in, shook from the boom. My friend  & I had to run out of that building and find a bunker. When we ran outside, she saw the smoke from the bomb. I was too busy looking for the nearest bunker, so I didn't see the smoke. But I definitely heard the alarms going off and the loud speaker sounding, "Camp on lockdown; move to a hard shelter."
I shared the care package with everyone that works in my small office space and they all appreciated its contents.  I swear the guys out here are worse than the girls when it comes to grabbing all the treats. They always come by my work area, looking to see what others have received in care packages that they can partake in; and they'll eat almost anything! The only thing I've not seen them jump on are Vienna Sausages. So, so long as a package is not entirely Vienna Sausages, it goes like wildfire. Thanks again and we truly appreciate your support!