We here at Packages From Home would like to thank the many volunteers, Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout troops, donors and all the many organizations who have given their time and money to help with our cause.

This year has been especially challenging since we depend so heavily on financial donations and in these tough economic times it is important to remember who we are doing this for. We're not doing this for us to "feel" good, nor are we doing this to make you "feel" good, we ARE however doing this to help our brave men and women overseas in harms way to feel cared for.

I was a United States Marine for nine years and was sent overseas many times and even spent some time in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield. I can remember how it felt to get a package from home, to get some things that I couldn't get while deployed and to just know somebody was thinking about me.

I can also remember days, just sitting there feeling lonely hoping to hear from home or get a package and then "mail call" would come. "Mail call" came every day, and most days most guys wouldn't get anything, myself included and you could see the disappointment in our eyes when our names weren't called by the platoon Sergeant. And, you could see the joy in the eyes of those who did get something in "mail call".

Now over 17 years later I'm fortunate enough to be in a position that allows me the opportunity to change those feeling for the guys and gals who have so honorably answered the call to duty.

We here at Packages From Home are asking you to remember who we're doing this for and know that we really are making a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you.

I would first like to thank everyone

I would first like to thank everyone that is helping this organization accomplish your goals. My Troops and thousands of others now know the joy you put into peoples hearts from such a long distance. God Bless all of your hearts. I don't know if there is anyway that you can thank the folks that put this package together or get this message to them but I hope this finds them happy and healthy.


I just received a couple packages from your organization


I just received a couple packages from your organization. I just wanted
to take a minute and say thank you. It's def one of the nicest packages
I have gotten here. It's very much appreciated. We are deployed in
Afghanistan til late May 2012.
Thanks again



I just received two packages from your company today

Dear Kathleen,
I just received two packages from your company today and I wanted to say "Thank you" for taking the time and energy to put together and sending out those packages. You did a great job with what you put in them. The personal hygiene products were right on the money. We have a PX where I am at but it is an 18 wheeler trailer and they do not carry much stuff in it that we can use mainly chips, Redbulls and Monster energy drinks and other items that we dont need! We have a few thousand Soldiers on my camp so everything goes quick when it does come in. The snacks or "fatty cakes" as my platoon calls them are great for in between meals and late night snacks. Please let everyone know that we appreciate all the hard work and money that is put into these packages and sent out to the Soldiers. Your company is doing a great thing because all soldiers love to get some kind of mail over here. Thank you again

SFC David T


My name is SPC G.

My name is SPC G. and I'm 20 years old. I'm in the 82nd CAB from Ft. Bragg NC. Currently deployed in Afghanistan. My wife put me in for a care package when she was too busy in school to send me them too often. I just got your package a couple days ago! My fellow troopers and I were very pleased with what we got and were VERY grateful! We shared out most the goodies which were awesome, Thanks! I plan on bringing the rest and the hygiene stuff to my motor pool tomorrow for the rest of my battle buddies to get a share also. Being over here we don't get very much of America over here and little things like that are what make us happy we do what we do. The picture i received from the 5th grader made my day! I put it on my wall with my pictures and notes from home. It is an amazing thing what this Org. does for the deployed troops and does not go un-noticed. Some troopers here are single and don't have much to look forward to going home, so it brings joy to my battle's when they get notes like that from home, or the notes we get in the bibles the Chaplin provides. I would love to get more of those notes from America and would put it up at work for our troopers to read everyday and never forget why we are over here. I had an idea for my battle buddies and I to send a thank you picture, just going to take time to get everyone together at the same time. Anyways i want to say thank you one more time and look forward more letters/packages from home!

Thanks SPC G.



My name is PV2 P. C

Greetings and a big thank you!

My name is PV2 P. C and Im currently stationed overseas with the 82nd CAB. My company and I would love to thank you for your packages! We love them! We all light up like little kids when we see the boxes and goodies you guys send. We highly appreciate it and you! Thank you for everything, keep us in your prayers! Keep the boxes rolling...God Bless!