We here at Packages From Home would like to thank the many volunteers, Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout troops, donors and all the many organizations who have given their time and money to help with our cause.

This year has been especially challenging since we depend so heavily on financial donations and in these tough economic times it is important to remember who we are doing this for. We're not doing this for us to "feel" good, nor are we doing this to make you "feel" good, we ARE however doing this to help our brave men and women overseas in harms way to feel cared for.

I was a United States Marine for nine years and was sent overseas many times and even spent some time in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield. I can remember how it felt to get a package from home, to get some things that I couldn't get while deployed and to just know somebody was thinking about me.

I can also remember days, just sitting there feeling lonely hoping to hear from home or get a package and then "mail call" would come. "Mail call" came every day, and most days most guys wouldn't get anything, myself included and you could see the disappointment in our eyes when our names weren't called by the platoon Sergeant. And, you could see the joy in the eyes of those who did get something in "mail call".

Now over 17 years later I'm fortunate enough to be in a position that allows me the opportunity to change those feeling for the guys and gals who have so honorably answered the call to duty.

We here at Packages From Home are asking you to remember who we're doing this for and know that we really are making a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you.

A fellow soldier

 A fellow soldier shared one of your care packages with me and I just
 wanted to say thank you for your support. I'm an Arizona Army National
 Guard medevac helicopter pilot stationed in Afghanistan. It was
 great to get magazines from home! It had some of my favorite cliff bars
 and energy bars. Definitely one of the best packages we've received here!
 Thank you again!
 Your friend,
 CW2 Rick K
 AZ Army National Guard



Dear PFH

Dear Packages From Home,

We are very happy to have received your
care package. It is a good feeling to know that someone back home cares
about the troops. God continue to bless your efforts of love and
sacrifice for the troops in Afghanistan. Truly you are our heroes for
what you guys do for us.

Respectably Submitted,
Carlos A.
SGT Chaplain Assistant

1Peter 2:6 "Those who trust the Lord shall not be disappointed".

Good Morning from Afghanistan

Good morning from Afghanistan! I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the care package we received a couple of days ago. I am the Battalion chaplain, and was able to put out the snacks and candy for the Marines and Sailors to stop by and pick up. It came just in time for Halloween, so it was our version of trick-or-treating! Thanks again for thinking of us out here. We do appreciate your support.

God bless,


PFC Matthew P.

Hello there. I have recently received 2 packages from you guys. Sorry I haven't written back earlier, but our operation tempo has been rather high, and he have had limited free time. I would like to start off and say that I, and everyone I have shared goodies with, really appreciate what you guys are doing. I dont know if anyone really supports the war anymore, but its nice that people still support the troops. I have received many cards and thank you letters from people, and I plan on making a collage of them when we return back home. I am not a very sentimental guy, but to find people giving to others, that they don't even know, seems to have a soft spot in my heart. Well thank you guys very much, and as much as you appreciate what we are doing, I'm sure we all appreciate you guys just the same.

- PFC Matthew P.

1644th Maintenance Platoon and me

Kathleen and all others,

I would like to thank you for sending me a care package. I tell my family that I really don't need things, but it is like Christmas when I receive one. I kept some goodies and shared the rest with my maintenance section. It was all enjoyed and much appreciated. Please tell all that donated their time, energy and goodies that it was great and a big thanks for the peanut m&m's, my personal favorite.


1644th Maintenance Platoon and me