We here at Packages From Home would like to thank the many volunteers, Eagle Scouts, Girl Scout troops, donors and all the many organizations who have given their time and money to help with our cause.

This year has been especially challenging since we depend so heavily on financial donations and in these tough economic times it is important to remember who we are doing this for. We're not doing this for us to "feel" good, nor are we doing this to make you "feel" good, we ARE however doing this to help our brave men and women overseas in harms way to feel cared for.

I was a United States Marine for nine years and was sent overseas many times and even spent some time in Saudi Arabia during Operation Desert Shield. I can remember how it felt to get a package from home, to get some things that I couldn't get while deployed and to just know somebody was thinking about me.

I can also remember days, just sitting there feeling lonely hoping to hear from home or get a package and then "mail call" would come. "Mail call" came every day, and most days most guys wouldn't get anything, myself included and you could see the disappointment in our eyes when our names weren't called by the platoon Sergeant. And, you could see the joy in the eyes of those who did get something in "mail call".

Now over 17 years later I'm fortunate enough to be in a position that allows me the opportunity to change those feeling for the guys and gals who have so honorably answered the call to duty.

We here at Packages From Home are asking you to remember who we're doing this for and know that we really are making a difference in the lives of so many. Thank you.

EOC Helman

Hello Ms. Kathleen and friends,

I know I'm slow to respond, please don't take it as a sign of ungratefulness.

I just wanted to let you know that I received the HUGE care package that you and your volunteers put together and sent. The items were greatly appreciated!! When I set it out for the troops I think it was empty in only 20 minutes. Once word got out about it it didn't stand a chance. :>)

I have been in Kuwait for the past year and actually leave for the states tonight, minus R&R, and Afghanistan for 7 months before that. I'm truly looking forward to being back!

Well Thank You once again for the box, thoughts and Prayers!!

Very Respectfully,

EOC Helman


R. Tan

To Kathleen Lewis and Packages From Home,

Hello! My name is R. Tan, and currently in Afghanistan. I
just want to THANK YOU for the care packages I received from you guys.
I really appreciate it. It's just not me but others here get the
benefits you sent. We are grateful for your support and feel loved.
Take care and more power!!! Hoooah!!!


R. Tan

T. Conklin

Good morning(I hope it's morning there);

I just wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude for you sending us care packages. Everything was very well received and very much appreciated. Thank you for everything that you do. Hope all is well back there.


GySgt T. Conklin


SPC Ayers

Packages from home,

Thank you so much for the care package. The people in my unit really
appreciated it. The package lifted many faces and hearts. It's always
exciting and a great warm feeling when you get to watch others have a
moment of excitement when opening mail. I would just like to say thank you for
thinking of us, thank you for the support. Its people like you all back
home that help make our jobs easier, knowing that there are people who care. I
was not able to capture the moment of opening the package, but I do have a
picture of our unit I would like to send you. Again, I and we thank you
very very much for everything. You brighten the smile on a lot of soldier's
SPC Ayers

L. Taylor

Greetings Ms. Kathleen Lewis and Staff,

I am a proud VETERAN, 3 times over and I received your care package today. Mail does take a while to arrive here in Iraq. The care package was much needed by myself and my fellow soldiers. WE all appreciate the care that is given by complete strangers and we feel good that we are not forgotten by our fellow Americans. Your organization was a great idea when you started it in 2004 and we are proud to be the grateful receivers of your hard work.

THANKS again,
1LT L. Taylor