Bones From Home

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comfort packages to deployed American military heroes who are stationed in active duty theaters around the world, as well as to facilitate activities that elevate morale of all veterans.
We are proud to extend our current program to include our Military Working Dogs (MWD). There are over 2700 Military Working Dogs active worldwide. Dogs smell 10,000 to 100,000 times more clearly than humans because the animals are estimated to have 50 times more olfactory receptors in their noses than humans do, and the area of the brain that deciphers smells is 40 times larger in dogs than in humans.
The value of MWDs in detecting materials used in IEDs and weapons saves lives of our troops and innocent civilians.
Unfortunately, the value of MWDs and their handlers is well known, and they are too often specifically targeted by the enemy.
To help, please consider donating items and financial support to make sure each packages can be mailed to our four legged heroes.
  • Canine ear cleaner
  • Eye wash
  • Canine bath wipes
  • Grooming tools (brushes, combs, nail clippers)
  • Paw pad cream
  • Canine shampoo (mild, not heavily fragrances, with an oatmeal base, for dry/sensitive skin)
  • 4 ft or 6 ft leashes and collars strong enough to hold a 70+ dog
  • Toys Must be a very durable, tough brand, such as Kong or Dogzilla
  • Antiseptic spray
  • Collapsible dog water bowl
  • One-pound bags of dry grain free dog food
  • High Protein dog treats
  • Milk bones
  • Corn huskers Lotion
The following items as they are NOT accepted by K-9 Units
  • Rawhide bones
  • Animal bones, pig ears
  • Treats other than plain Milk bones
  • Canned dog food
  • Treats not in their original packaging
  • Stuffed animals or cloth toys
  • Do not send anything small enough to be swallowed by a 70+ pound dog
  • Blankets or bedding
  • No items made in China or containing pork products
If you know of a someone serving with a K9 unit, please forward their address to
us so we can get them a care package! Contact Jan Johnson
For more information, please contact Packages From Home, Bones From Home Program at 602-253-0284 or visit our administrative office at 1201 S. 7th Ave., #50, Phoenix AZ 85007.