Truman (11) & Winston (9) Price Military Supporters & Local Artists in Phoenix, AZ

I'm sure we have all realized at some point or another in our daily lives that children are amazing and that we can all learn from them. Here at Packages From Home, along with all the generous civilian and business donations we receive throughout the year, we receive some very special items from children.

We are always humbled by the generosity of children and the level at which they perceive what our servicememebers do everyday for our country. We attribute their awareness to the adult figures in these kids lives.

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9/11, 12 years later

This September marks 12 years since the 9/11 attack. 12 years have gone by since we, as a country, were faced with the unimaginable. On that day many of us came to the realization that the United States is not beloved among nations. During that wake-up call many emotions were felt and although the emotions coming from such tragedy were different for each of us, Americans banded together. If you ask anyone old enough to remember, I would bet they would be able to tell you exactly where they were and what they were doing when they first learned of the attacks. It is an event in history that changed our country and redefined how we look at the world. It is important that we continue to remember those who lost their lives, honor the hero's that stood up to the challenge and support the many individuals who stepped up to defend our country in the years that followed.

September 11 became known as Patriot Day on it's second anniversary. A patriot by definition is someone who loves, supports, and defends one's country. What better word could be used to represent a day that joined Americans together in their support for one another? What better word could be used to represent a day that influenced so many to stand up against terrorism and join our United States military? Patriot day is not only a day for those who lost their lives on September 11, but it is also a day to recognize the heroes who responded to the World Trade Center and to recognize the sacrifices of the men and women of our military who are continuing to defend our country. As we will never forget what happened on September 11, 2001, we must never forget to show our support for our military.

This year, as we have been for the past eleven years, let's take a moment to remember the innocent lives of those taken from us. Help us show the world the true meaning of Patriot Day and how America is still banded together in unity.

Bass Pro Shops Sock Drive

Since August of 2012 Bass Pro Shops has been knocking our socks off by hosting sock donation drives to benefit our deployed troops. To date, Bass Pro Shops with the help of their generous customers have donated 500 pair of socks to Packages From Home. We are excited to announce that Bass Pro Shops has decided moving forward to make this an ongoing donation drive.

"Customers can purchase the socks for Packages From Home at our Mesa, AZ. location," says Janet Mattingly of Bass Pro Shops. "We love to support our troops and by having an outlet for our customers to be able to help participate in supporting our troops too, we can expand on our ability to help out our troops and let everyone say thank you for all they do and sacrifice for us."

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