Diageo Cares

In April of 2013 Packages From Home founder Kathleen Lewis and Nancy Schulte were able to treat the loved ones of our troops at the 10th Mountain Division to a night out! Our guests enjoyed appetizers provided by Savory Downtown and Bailey's and Ice Cream provided by Diageo. Each guest was given gifts from L'Oreal as well as a SpaFinder gift card provided by Diageo Cares. Thank you Diageo for making this special evening possible and for letting our troop's loved ones know, Diageo Cares!

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Crown Royal is Committed to our Heroes

Crown Royal has made it their mission to show their support to the everyday heroes who do so much for others and ask nothing in return. The Crown Royal Heroes Project is an on-going commitment to provide these heroes with the recognition and support they deserve.

Packages From Home is honored that Crown Royal has asked us to be a part of this very worthwhile project. Crown Royal has supporters across the nation filling purple CAMO Crown Royal bags for the Troops. They have selected us to benefit from this project by donating the CAMO Care Packages full of goodies, as well as generous monetary donations to help ship the CAMO Care Packages to our deployed heroes who are bravely serving in harm’s way.


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Packages For Hope Photos

Packages From Home has added a new program to assist veterans in need. In late 2012 volunteers at Packages From Home's packing center rolled up their sleeves to fill Packages For Hope, for our veterans. This is in addition to the hundreds of care packages and bulk shipments sent each month to those currently serving in combat zones. A generous grant from Veterans United Foundation made this expansion possible. Due to the success of the first delivery of Packages For Hope, plans are set to continue working with the Carl Hayden VA Hospital, Volunteer Services Organization supporting the Health Care for the Homeless Veterans Program(HCHV), on a regular basis.

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