Wells Fargo Salutes our Heroes

Packages From Home would like to thank Wells Fargo for having an off-site packing party! Wells Fargo knocked it out of the park with their Salute To Our Heroes project. What a great way to honor our heroes and let our military members know that they are appreciated!

U.S. Airways Does It Again!

U.S. Airways not only supports Packages From Home by sending their spirit of volunteerism to us via their phenomenal Do Crew team of volunteers, but they have also made some important contributions to help Packages From Home’s mission again this year.

Due to U.S. Airways generous contributions and continued commitment to our United States Military Heroes, they have made it possible to send additional comforts from home to our deployed service-members. In addition to those generous contributions 

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Record Setting Day

Diageo Salutes the Troops and they rolled up their sleeves to show it! The Diageo crew came to the PFH Packing Center this Spring and had a record setting day! It was fun to watch this competitive bunch try to out pack those who have come before them, and one another! With their positive attitudes and their ability to work as a team, they accomplished their goal! Thank you so much for working so hard for our troops. Way to go team!