Hi Kathleen et al

Hi Kathleen et al,

I just walked into work ad there was a care package for me addressed from Packages from Home. I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was so awesome and so needed. Today was not one of those days when I wanted to be here. It comes and goes. So to walk to my building and see this package and then open it and see the beautiful cards from the children and thoughtful gifts of all sorts just blew me away. You have no idea what care packages mean to Soldiers on this end. Most times it's not even the contents of the box, though I love the cards from children, it's the thought that someone (stranger) took the time out of their busy day to put the care package together. It is just unbelievable and so appreciated.

You are a gift for starting this organization. Thank you to you and your wonderful volunteers.

From my heart to yours---HUGS

MSG B. L. Clark
TF Biometrics Operations NCOIC