Packing Parties

Did you know that you can come down to the Packages From Home Packing Center and hand pack care packages for our deployed troops? With our centrally located packing center in Downtown Phoenix our facility is a perfect place for your group to come and do something good for our troops.

Corporate groups, community groups, churches and others who would like to pack with us can reserve our packing center for a two hour long Packing Party on a Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday from 10:30-12:30. We are able to accommodate groups of 10-15 people. Postage is our biggest expense, so we ask that you try to donate postage money for some or all of the boxes you pack. Postage is $15.45 per box, so if you hope to pack 20 boxes, the suggested minimum donation for your packing party is $300 (or an in-kind donation of equal value). To schedule a packing party, please contact Judy Hayes.

We also encourage participants to host a donation drive to help provide items to fill the boxes. Your participation, combined with your generosity helps Packages From Home’s mission to continue.

Donation drives can be a lot of fun and also help to build team spirit and a sense of unity for a common cause. Spare change collection jars, inter-office competitions, dress-down “Jeans Day For A Cause,” and even car washes can bring people together toward a common goal. The possibilities are endless.

Packages From Home welcomes the opportunity to develop new relationships and partnerships. We strive to provide our military with the support they deserve and are always looking for new organizations who feel passionately about our military as well. If your company would like to partner with Packages From Home and enjoy the benefits of partnership, please contact Erin Krivanek at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..