Mrs. Lewis,

I would like to tell you Thank-you for the package my son Zachary received, from PFH. He is a Cavalry Scout with 3rd ACR. While stationed up around the Mosel area he got his package. He called home and asked about it and knowing my son he is very cautious about opening anything from someone, or someplace he doesn't know. I assured him it was safe. Zach and his group were all over the Northern part of Iraq when they were deployed, they were not near anything so the packages they got were a real blessing.

They are back here in the "World" at their base safe and sound now, Thank-you for caring so much, I was an Army wife, my husband is retired now. I call the Army the family business! Our oldest daughter served her husband is still serving, our middle daughter's husband served, and our son is still serving. A Big Thank-you to your son Christian, I heard you speak of him on a radio program this morning, and prompted me to do what I meant to do months ago which was get this letter to you. Bless you for all you have done for our troops, and Thank-You.

Aggie ******
Mesa, AZ