Support The Troops! Is it just "Lip Service?"

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Times are tough! You don't need me to tell you that either. We've all been impacted in some way. Especially the hard working men and women we at Packages From Home have dedicated our efforts to support. So NOW is the time to dig a little deeper and find some way to "Support the troops."

How many times have you heard "Support the Troops" in the past few years? I've personally heard it more times than I can remember.  The phrase is everywhere, its on cars and buses and just about anything you can stick a magnet to. So has it lost its meaning? Have we become immune to what it truly communicates? I would sincerely like to think not. I would like to think that when someone hears "Support the troops" they take a brief moment to reflect on what it means to truly"Support the troops." It can be something so simple and beautiful as writing a letter, sending a package or even making a donation. Something that in some way communicates there is someone back home taking a moment to appreciate who they are and what they stand for. To know they will be welcomed home with open arms as the heroes they are every day.

Packages From Home has ONE mission; "Support the troops!", that's it! There is no other reason we exist, none! We want to keep on "Supporting the troops." We want to be able to remind them that we're thinking of them. That we understand the sacrifices they've had to make. That they have chosen to make tremendous personal and professional sacrifices. That their families and loved ones share in those sacrifices. Perhaps we need a fresh reminder that these mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and even co-workers are in countries half way around the planet facing dangers constantly. There is only one way Packages From Home can continue to do this.

Sacrifice! A small sacrifice at that! Any amount of tax deductible donation will help us. We NEED money. Our troops have been hit by these difficult economic times as well as the organizations who support them. Packages From Home is no exception. So we need your help. One of the quickest and most effective ways to get this information out to our constituents is the "email" button at the top of this article. Just give it a quick click and voilà, you can send this article to as many people you can think of... Please do that and I'm sure someone's day will be brightened in some way!

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